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Interior Designer

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Sydney Hall

Owner - CEO


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Project Manager


Meet Viva Design, LLC

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Mike Kemper 


Viva Design, LLC

Viva Design expands through collaboration with Sydfemmelle Design and Construction. The two companies come together to work as subcontractors which allows Viva Design more flexibility to complete the numerous jobs waiting in the wings. Sydfemmelle brings a team of qualified and licensed players to the table. The numerous crew members, General Manager, Project Manager and Interior Designer that are attached to Sydfemmelle provides more boots on the ground for Viva Design. Viva and Sydfemmelle have contracted to push certain Viva jobs to Sydfemmelle to take on. The companies have found that success often happens with more fluidity when working together rather than competing with one another.  

Their new found collaboration has pushed both companies to that next level. 

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