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Public Speaker  I  TV Host  I  Talk Show Host  I  Podcaster  I  Choreographer I  Dancer    



Speaker - Host - Events - Motivational Coaching



Dare to Be Better with Ray and Syd       (Radio / Podcast)                                                            NY Radio Station Co-Host       

Table Talk With Syd                             (Radio Talk Show) Host-Creator                                         Podcaster                            

BeyondDANCE                                    Host-Choreographer-Creator / Producer-TV Pilot                 Pacific Coast Production

AMPED CON                                       Speaker                                                                        AMPED

Women in Business                               Speaker                                                                        Sandy Chamber

Canyons School District                         Speaker                                                                        Canyons School District                                              

Brighton High School                            Speaker                                                                         Canyons School District

Smith Barney                                        Speaker                                                                        Management

Morgan Stanley                                    Speaker                                                                        Management

Bountiful High School                            Speaker                                                                        Bountiful High School

Park City High School                            Speaker                                                                        Park City Police Dep

Park City Police Department                    Speaker                                                                        Park City Police Dep

ESPN                                                   Motivational Sports Coach                                              Fitness Crew

Sparta United                                       Motivational Sports Coach                                              U-14 Dami

USA Soccer Alliance                              Motivational Sports Coach                                             U-15 Patrick Rennie

Pinnacle Gymnastics                              Elite Coach-Motivational Coach                                       Luke Evans

Missy Marlowe Gymnastics                    Elite Coach-Motivational Coach                                        Missy Marlowe


Tours - Projects - Choreography


Universal Records                                      Nichole-Tour -Choreographer                                  Disney

Epic Records                                             Bre-Tour-Choreographer                                          Disney

Taylor Lautner-Cassi Tompson                      Choreographer-Artistic Director                               Disney

Indy 500                                                  Choreographer                                                     Indy 500

NASCAR                                                  Choreographer                                                     NASCAR

Horizonte' High School                              Choreographer                                                     Last Chance Program

NBA All Star Jam Session                           Director-Choreographer                                         UT Jazz

NBA UT Jazz                                             Director - Choreographer                                       UT Jazz

Muhammad Ali                                          Choreography                                                      Kingsbury Hall

Destiny's Child - Beyonce' (90)                     Dancer                                                                Madonna R-Choreography

ESPN                                                       Choreographer                                                      Fitness Crew

ESPN                                                        Choreographer                                                     Aerobics Squad

Disney                                                       Tour - Choreographer                                             Disney


Television - Film - Choreography


Las Vegas Grand Stage Show                     Choreographer-Artistic Director                              Selective Artists Agency

BeyondDANCE                                          TV-Pilot-Host                                                         Pacific Coast Produc

Cassi Thomson-Taylor Lautner                       Music Video-Choreo-Director                                  Pacific Coast Produc

ESPN                                                        Project-Choreographer                                           ESPN Fitness Crew

ESPN                                                        Project-Choreogrpaher                                           ESPN Aerobics Squad

Paula Abdul                                               Project-Assis-Choreographer                                   Mic Thompson-Choreo

Herb Alpert                                                Music Video 3.00 jump-Dancer                              Russell Clark-Chore

Nordic Track                                               Choreographer                                                     Stilson and Stilson

Health Rider                                                Choreographer                                                     Stilson and Stilson

Flight Of The Intruder                                    Dancer                                                                John Milius - Director

SoundCloud                                                PODCAST Host - Speaker                                       SoundCloud

Just a little about Syd

If you're looking for inspiration, passion for life and a little sunshine in your day, Syd is your girl. For whatever reason she seems to have this uncanny ability to find the good, she can achieve the "impossible' on a regular basis and Syd can touch and inspire a soul instantly! 


Does this love for life come from her "bleak" start? Syd's birth mom lived in a cardboard box, on the side of the road, in the middle of the Philippines, surrounded by complete poverty. Adoption was the way out for Syd. Had she remained in Manila, many girls are trafficked, and sold into prostitution. Sadly that is the reality for many females in a third world country. Adoption was her chance! Now as part of her daily plan Syd looks for, and takes opportunity as her way of showing gratitude back to her birth mom and parents for the life she lives.


Syd has mentioned several times that point of view is absolutely everything. It's something that we all have the freedom to choose and the opportunity to practice. She believes that going after the "impossible" is the only way to really live the life she chooses to live. Her dad once told her "DJ", he always called her DJ, "go after the impossible! Most people believe the "impossible" is impossible, therefore there aren't as many attempting to accomplish that goal. Going after the "uninspired thing" has a lot of traffic attached to it. You work just as hard to accomplish the "uninspired" goal as you do the "impossible" goal; you're required to stand in line!". Syd has lived that to her core! She has severe dyslexia, and only began reading at the age of 24. However, she sees that hiccup as a blessing. It encouraged her to figure out how to get the things she wanted out of life by using the talents she owned.


Growing up Syd trained for the Olympics in both Soccer and Gymnastics. After tearing the ligaments in her ankle her mom moved her into dance, something she really had no interest in. She thought dance was too 'girly'. Of course, Syd figured out how to make dance become that "impossible" goal.  She moved out to LA at 17 to dance for tours, films, TV, A - List artists and projects (Beyonce', Paula Abdul, Muhammad Ali) to name a few. The projects and jobs pushed her into becoming an LA choreographer for A - list artists, along with leading Networks and Labels. As her choreography career grew she knew figuring out how to stop touring, was a must. Syd found herself ready to start a family. She decided it was time to build one of her homes that she had drawn up years prior as a teenage. She began the journey to update the floor plans, build and design the interior of this 8000sf home she had been dreaming of for years. She included a rehearsal studio, and an apartment down in the basement. Syd began flying her artists, and their dancers in from LA . They would rehears in the studio, and stay in the basement apartment during off times. Her Interior Design career began, unknowingly, due to the producers flying in to see the tours. That was the moment that Syd's Interior Design career bloomed.  After witnessing her ability to develop floor plans, implement her interior design into the project, with her knowledge of construction; the producers began asking Syd to design their homes. Their homes just happened to be located all over the world.


As she thrived being the mom to her two incredible girls, she understood that her girls have made her a better person from head to toe. Becoming a single mother years ago, and realizing that she must find away to reinvent herself; Syd now owns a construction company which she has attached her Flooring Co and Interior Design Boutique. For several years Public Speaking has been apart of her arsenal that has allowed Syd to continually share the process of living life. Once people understand that there is actually a process to life, anyone can learn that process; they find that falling down, standing up, brushing off and moving on, with gratitude becomes a life skill that actually creates more success, balance and happiness within their life. 


Her journey has been nurtured by a father who is the reason Syd is who she is today, along with a mom who has taught her how to truly nurture her children, a birth mother who gave her the opportunity to live life, and the blessing of two amazing girls who have changed her life for the better.

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