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Alex Eidem

Project Manager

Alex Eidem, fully licensed Project Manager steps into the construction industry five years ago through cabinetry and kitchen install. Learning the ins-and-outs of the remodel process he has become our General Manger, Abe Ward's, right hand man. They work tightly together as Alex mirrors Abe with detail, tight scheduling, and the pursuit of blending quality construction with the interior design and customer service. 

One of the most important parts of Sydfemmelle is the boots on the ground. Alex is that man! He and Abe discuss daily, the details, and what needs to be occurring each day, on every Sydfemmelle job to ensure that quality is our brand. Alex has a strong five years under his belt with over 400 kitchen remodels of experience. This experience is what Alex taps into as he manages the Sydfemmelle jobs week by week. 

Sydfemmelle prides it's self on building a family which includes their subs and installers. The tighter the team the more successful the outcome of every Sydfemmelle job.

Alex provides a vital piece of the puzzle. He is the face behind the boots on the ground, and the link to a strong team of subs and installers.


Sydfemmelle is grateful for Alex, his balance with family, his fiance' and business, and his part as an owner of Sydfemmelle. 

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